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To be determined


Job training for housekeeping positions in the casino industry.

Low Cost Housing

The rooms are small 10 X 10 with a raise platform twin bed for storage underneath, a side table with an outlet and dimmer switch for a light above on the wall. No ceiling just four walls with a wide door for wheelchair access . A simulated night sky above. Rooms are attach to each other and in most cases share a common wall. The sleep area are just rows of rooms. past this area are ten private restrooms and showers. The light is set to a time to encourage a time limit. Rule a bathrobe or shorts and T Shirt must be worn outside your room. You can only be naked in your room or bathroom with the door closed. This area is closed off to visitors.
Next to the sleeping quarters is a game room and TV room . A room for telehealth. A living room and dining area across from a vending machine and microwave. With a 24 hour restaurant next door. A token for use laundry room. Free wifi,
The room comes with a clean fitted sheet and pillow with case. A throw blanket is available at request

Low cost temporary housing for people with challenges. Including a small private bedroom, private restrooms and showers, access to free laundry, low cost food, and free access to telehealth services for healthcare and friends. 30 to 50 individuals separated by sexual orientation and identity sharing a space. We are setting a goal of 12 dollars for a room for 12 hours. Partnering with governments as an emergency shelter as a public cooling center

Volunteer opportunities for free 12 hour stay.
Paid job training for housekeeping jobs in the casino industry.

50 Male Roommate Space for homeless people
Members check in for a 12 hour period limited to a small suitcase or backpack. Note subject to search: No weapons or drugs allowed. $12 for 12 hours a member may pay $1.00 for every hour past 12 hours.
$12 x 50 rooms = $600.00 daily
$10 x 50 rooms = $500.00 daily One hour down time for cleaning between members.
100 members = $1100.00 daily room rent x 30 = 33,000 monthly $330 monthly rent per client.

Intake appointment, Client must be cognitive and responsive and not under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.
Agree to rules.
No nudity in public areas. Public areas is everywhere except the privacy of your bedroom alone and with the door closed and restrooms / showers alone and with the door closed. Home health aids may be available for those with disabilities.
No use of drugs other than prescribed medications.
Violations of these rules could lead to suspension of services.

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